View “Maiori”

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During my weekend on the Amalfi Coast, I choose “Maiori” as a stopping point, Maiori is ideally located between the seats and the Amalfi Coast is definitely confortable for parking and to go to the beach. Read more…

The Worth of Light

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Last in the series of photos taken inside the Doria Pamphili Palace. This image depicts the main corridor, lit by large windows is one of the most iconic images of the Roman palace. … Read more

First time dream

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Another pic of the interior of the palace Doria Pamphili. This is the corridor to the east, over the fullness of paintings and works within the ceiling was characterized by very unique and colorful. Read more…

Doria Pamphilj

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The interior of the hall of the beautiful Doria Pamphilj palace, located in the center of Rome. The families who lived in this palace boasted one of the finest collections of works of the last century, many rooms as well as this corridor, are fully carpeted with paintings on the walls. Read more…

Evening Love

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In this post I want to first tell you that my absence was caused by a lot of work lately has given me a lot to do :) ┬áThis post has been twinned with the previous one, in fact, just a few meters from the Sant’Angelo Read more…

The way of angels

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Return to photograph my city, this is my favorite bridge of Rome, it is one of the is the most characteristic and charming with Castel Sant’Angelo at the end of the pass. On the bridge all those statues you see are angels Read more…